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Business Process Outsourced Services​

Back Office Support Services​

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who provide our clients with the highest level of support and service​. Our goal is to help our clients reduce their administrative burden and let them focus on their core business activities.​​

Welcome to MDS Call Solutions Inc., your trusted partner in optimizing call center operations with our specialized Back Office Support Services. Our tailored solutions are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with your call center, elevating efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Allow us to manage the non-customer-facing tasks, enabling your call center agents to concentrate on delivering exceptional service.

Back Office Support Services​​

Data Analytics and Reporting

We Excel in data analytics and reporting, providing regular insights into call center performance and key metrics.

Our comprehensive reports aid in understanding and optimizing operational efficiency.

Call Recording and Transcription

We offers efficient call recording and transcription services.

We ensure accurate transcription of recorded calls, facilitating documentation and analysis purposes effectively.

Quality Assurance Audits

We conduct comprehensive quality assurance audits on recorded calls.

Our meticulous checks guarantee adherence to service standards, ensuring exceptional quality in every interaction.

Order Processing Support

We specializes in seamless order processing support, efficiently handling orders and customer requests captured during calls.

We ensure a smooth and efficient process to fulfill your customer needs.

Data Entry and Management

Experience swift and accurate data entry and management services. We handle the efficient entry of your customer information, call details, and other critical data with precision and speed.

Compliance Documentation

We prioritize compliance documentation to ensure that call center operations adhere to industry regulations and standards.

We meticulously oversee regulatory requirements to guarantee seamless compliance within business operations.

Streamlined Communication

We specialize in streamlined communication, fostering seamless information flow between call center teams and back-office functions.

Our coordination ensures efficient collaboration, facilitating a cohesive and integrated workflow.

Backlog Resolution

We prioritize timely resolution of backlogs in data entry, documentation, or order processing.

Our dedicated efforts ensure efficient handling and resolution of pending tasks, maintaining operational fluidity.

MDS Call Solutions, Inc. (MDSCSI) is a business solutions outsourcing company specializing in contact center (call center) and digital solutions.  We offer voice and digital services, on top of software and application development services to complete our clients’ business solutions and market strategies.

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